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How can I register on WedJobs?

Click the Sign up button on WedJobs, fill in your details following which you will get an email that confirms that you are registered with us.

Do I need to upload a profile?

Yes, you need to put out your details when you sign up with WedJobs.

Can anyone register or is it only for experienced freelancers?

Experienced freelancers have an upper hand in getting their preferred job. But if you are good at what you do and am confident,the right job will surely find you.

Why should I register with WedJobs?

By registering on WedJobs, a world of opportunities in the wedding industry opens up for you. Find a great gig, part-time or full-time work will improve your skills on WedJobs.

How do I build my freelance profile on WedJobs?

If you already have a CV, you can enter the details mentioned there as you create your profile. You can even upload your CV directly and WedJobs will take it from there.

Why should I create a profile on WedJobs even if I already have a resume?

Entering in your details helps WedJobs find the right jobs that you are looking for.

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