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What does create a project mean?

Under your profile, you can create different projects for different wedding assignments. For example, if it is a Rahul+Ankita wedding, you can create a project named so and post jobs for this particular project.

Can I publish multiple jobs at the same time?

Yes, depending on the Plan that you have subscribed to, you can post multiple jobs through your profile.

What are all the details about the job I should put up?

You have to enter in all the details about the job that you wish to tell your candidate. Basically, you need to put up the Job Type, Job Role, Job description, Skill Required and Salary as well.

How can I manage projects in my profile?

You can create projects in your profile by clicking on the Manage Projects button where you will find a “Create a Profile” button on the right top corner. You can also see the status of your Job postings, edit and delete projects in the Manage Projects window.

Should I give all details of the job when posting a job?

It is best to include as many details as possible when posting jobs so that only the right candidates apply. We suggest you include the basic details like Job name, Type, Location and Salary details.

Will I get a notification when a job I posted is Live?

Yes, we will send you a mail when your job posting is complete. You can also check your dashboard to know which jobs are posted till date.

Can I take down a job posting or edit it?

You sure can. When you have found enough candidates or decided not to go ahead with the job posting, you can Delete the Job posting or edit it by going to the Manage Jobs tab.

Can I boost my job opening?

No,you cannot. However, wedjobs.in makes sure to make your job openings visible to all freelancers, full-time, and part-time job seekers.

Do I have to pay any charges for registration?

No, there are no charges for registration or any kind of job posting.

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